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Tax laws have become more complicated, because of the increased types of taxes and the different percentages of each, so we have provided a qualified Team of tax experts who work to provide customers with the necessary services.Our tax experts in Auditco are fully prepared to provide advice regarding tax aspects, whether in the local work environment or even in foreign and other countries and link the tax system with the accounting system And provide help and assistance to companies for the purpose of calculating the different types of Zakat for companies and different activities External audit Our experts provide advice and guidance to achieve the goals of organizations and assist management in making decisions. In addition, companies are audited to ensure that they apply recognized and accepted standards and practices accepted locally and internationally and according to international standards of accounting and auditing. Internal audit Internal audit serves the efficiency of businesses as it offers, among other things:

  • Providing the Management with directions and advice related to performance and internal system.
  • Evaluate whether the procedures followed are consistent with the establishment’s policies and put these policies in institutions that lack it.
  • Evaluate whether the established policies are followed and applied in the establishment. The internal audit of any establishment will save customers time and effort in training and providing resources and focus on the company’s main income activity.

Business evaluation The stage of economic development that lives in the present time and the need for small and medium-sized business organizations and partnerships coupled with the desire of family enterprises to increase their market share requires the making of large investments, and therefore it is necessary to attract external investors to support business organizations in the market and keep them through pumping investments, and accordingly that Belonging to merging or buying business organizations may be the appropriate strategy under those circumstances.

Many reasons impose companies to attract capital and external investors, whether large, small or medium-sized companies generate for this resort to merger or purchase of business organizations or complementary organizations as a way and strategy for that. Therefore, it is necessary to study the value and know the market value that comes through the work of evaluation studies to establish fair values for organizations based on studies, experiences and scientific methods for that. Liquidation of companies Legal, commercial or external reasons impose on companies to do the liquidation, but there must be experts to carry out this liquidation and finalize the necessary arrangements for that legally and accounting and this is what we provide in Auditco efficiently and effectively. Preparing financial and administrative systems At Auditco, we develop corporate and governance systems to achieve the goal of our constant endeavor to govern our clients ’financial activities and to ensure that their financial deals are permitted in accordance with legislation and assets; to protect assets and property fairly; and for the purpose of reducing the risk of errors and fraud; and support for transactions and their compliance with established rules and regulations In it, and to ensure the compliance of employees with these legislation and regulations. We focus on providing our accounting services and keeping our professional team fully conversant with all major accounting programs and able to design technical operations according to customer requirements, as it enjoys high expertise and efficiency in a way that guarantees the provision of the best accounting services to all of our customers through receiving and following up on everything By that and among the most important things we offer:

  • Providing companies with qualified people as accountants and assistants to do daily work inside the company building
  • Provide the accounting system that conforms to international standards and provide appropriate accounting policies for each institution
  • Providing an advanced and advanced accounting program that guarantees the workflow in companies
  • Periodic and continuous follow-up to business results (accounting – tax – administrative – financially) – Accounting: What guarantees the commitment of the institution and the employees to the foundations and accounting standards – Tax : This includes preparing, submitting, and following up on tax accounting and tax returns for the company – Administrative: To ensure the functioning of the institution and the compliance of employees with the laws and policies of the company – Financially: evaluate the institution financially, provide advice and advice to develop the company’s business and clarify its strength, Weakness to help management make the right decisions at the right time.

VAT Services We are all aware of the magnitude of the big challenges related to value-added tax that face institutions and companies when doing business and non-business and in the context of our continuous search for the most sophisticated and intelligent solutions to ensure the work of companies without being affected by this new tax, especially in the local market we had to find A radical solution with the help of our most important tax professionals

We offer this radical solution to companies through the following services:

  • Providing consultations to companies for registration and the method of registration or postponing it. Often companies and institutions are not fully aware of the legislation and policies related to VAT, which are constantly changing. So we have created a team of specialists in value-added tax that provides a set of advice and practical advice specialized in this.
  • Registration service and cancellation of registration. Registering companies, institutions and entities subject to VAT with the competent authority in a manner that meets the requirements of the registration process and their compatibility with the regulations and instructions issued by the Federal Tax Authority and provide advice and assistance for registration or to cancel the registration:
  • Compliance with VAT policies. Compliance with these policies, which guarantees the protection of institutions financially and legally before the Federal Tax Authority by:
  • 1 – Clarify the laws and procedures adopted by the authority and the subsequent clarifications for our clients
  • 2 – Create tax records and link them to the administrative and accounting system of the company
  • 3- Following up on registration and tax transactions and submitting tax returns to the company
  • 4- Follow up the company’s account with the General Tax Authority to ensure that the company’s data and papers are updated
  • 5- Helping companies in finding a way to save files and providing the company with the method and documents that match the requirements of the organization (Submit VAT Return Report – Bills – Redemption Forms – Grievance and Objection Forms)
  • Review the VAT return. Review the VAT return for the purpose of validating its calculation correctly.
  • Helping to submit objections and requests for refund to citizens or companies. Our experts work to study the differences received from the authority, as well as documents, documents and information prepared by the company to prove the right of the company to object, help in preparing the objection duly, follow up on the objection and answer the inquiries of the commission until its completion according to the requirements of the VAT system
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