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Litigation, Alternate Dispute Resolution and Arbitration Our legal team has negotiated, settled and successfully litigated many cases in the UAE, Turkey, and the Middle East. The team also has extensive experience in Arbitration, and Alternate Dispute Resolution. Our Achievements include 100% success in insurance, Civil and commercial claims and we have Happy Clients all over the World who have received their compensation more than they had expected and within the minimum time period taken for the whole procedure. We also have litigated and achieved favorable Judgments in Real estate, Rent, Labor, and Family Law cases among others.

Liquidation and Bankruptcy Services We also provide assistance in conducting Liquidation, Bankruptcy and Insolvency Proceedings to manage the liabilities of the companies and settle their debts in the most effective manner possible in their cases. Company Establishment Services/ Corporate Law Our Consultants have extensive expertise in establishing corporations and entities in the Middle East, particularly in Dubai Mainland and Free-zone areas for all types of entities, Branches of foreign companies, representative offices, and Holding Companies.

We have extensive experience in drafting corporate documents, such as Incorporation Documents, Board Resolutions, Shareholder Resolutions, Board Meetings, and other related documents. Structuring and Due Diligence Studies Allegiance can offer expert support on corporate structuring, re-structuring, and due diligence, as well as all kinds of Mergers and Acquisitions in the UAE and GCC.

We have successfully conducted Due Diligence Studies and furnished immaculate Due Diligence Reports which have helped our Corporate Clients to take over of Business, Properties and Assets.

Asset Protection/Real Estate Law/Rent Law in the UAE Our team can assist you in the following areas: Drafting Sale and Purchase Agreements/Tenancy Contracts, Representing clients (whether individuals or companies) in the registration of properties, Property Transfer in the UAE (Normal Transfer/Gift Transfer), Last Will and Testament, Property dispute Resolutions and unique solutions for the purposes of protecting your assets during your lifetime and after death. Our satisfied Clients include several resident and non-resident property owners in Dubai and UAE for whom we have assisted in transferring the ownership of properties, setting up companies and those who have protected their assets through Will Registration. Commercial Agencies/ Franchise/ Distribution Agreements Local and International Commercial Transactions The rules and regulations governing Commercial Agency and Distribution in the UAE are substantially different from the concepts of commercial representation and its various forms used in practice in other parts of the World. The selection of the most advantageous structure for the distribution, franchise, or agency agreements can be vital for the future success of any company in the UAE.

Our team has already provided legal advice and litigated many cases related to Commercial Agencies, Franchise, and Distribution Agreements. We can draft and review the above Agreements and make sure that the interest of our Clients are protected in all Jurisdictions whether in UAE or abroad.

Our service Includes Merger and Acquisition management and all other kinds of international transactions. Middle East Labor and Employment Law We provide advice for both employers and employees, in order for them to have a thorough understanding of their rights. We advise on key areas of the employment contract along with their validity in the UAE and GCC. Remote Legal Services! We serve International Clients and we have successfully closed legal proceedings for our Clients living outside the UAE without them having to leave the comfort of their Country and delivering the outcome of their legal proceedings at their doorstep or Bank Accounts.

You may also reach out to us directly through our website and we have rich experience in providing hassle free services to Clients all over the World REMOTELY! Through our online consultation, we charge AED 200 for a quick answer to your legal or business-related inquiry, which includes a brief explanation.

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